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This contest is closed – we will be announcing the winner soon. 

Sharp Criminal Lawyers, P.C., a criminal defense law firm in Riverside, California, is offering a scholarship for individuals with autism. This $1,000 educational scholarship is being offered to provide encouragement to those who have autism and wish to continue their education. The award will be paid to the educational institution chosen by the successful applicant to offset, in part, the cost of tuition for attendance at that school.

Education and Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (autism or ASD), refers to various disorders whose core symptoms are social communication challenges and restricted, repetitive behaviors. ASD includes a number of disorders that were formerly categorized separately, including childhood disintegrative disorder, and Asperger’s syndrome, among others. It can also involve associated conditions such as ADHD.

While discussions about ASD and education often center on younger children, it can also affect students in post-secondary education. Moreover, more than half of those with ASD find themselves unemployed and not enrolled in higher education in the two years subsequent to high school. Academic activities such as group work and even taking notes in class can be challenging, and many colleges and universities are recognizing a surge in the number of students with ASD. The entire staff at Sharp Criminal Lawyers is hopeful that the scholarship will provide encouragement to those with ASD to fulfill their educational goals.

The ASD Scholarship

The $1,000 scholarship will be applied to defray in part the cost of tuition at a trade or vocational school, a university, a college or junior college.  The funds will be paid directly to the school chosen by the successful applicant, on his or her behalf.


United States citizens diagnosed with ASD (DSM-V) and who wish to further their education may apply for this scholarship. Applicants do not have to be enrolled in school when the application is submitted, although the scholarship funds must be used within one year from the date the award is announced.

Deadline for the Application

The application must be submitted by February 17, 2020.

Requirements for Applying

To be considered for the ASD scholarship, all applicants must:

  • Complete our online application (below).
  • Provide us with (upload) a statement (125 words or less) telling us about your educational goals.
  • (Optional) Provide us with (upload) a statement (750 words or less) telling us how ASD has had an effect on your education.

In addition to the application and upload(s), we may also request evidence of your diagnosis, as well as evidence of your acceptance at the educational institution of your choice.

Selection of the Winner

The winning application shall be chosen by Sharp Criminal Lawyers, P.C., in its sole discretion. The selection and announcement will be made not later than June 29, 2020.

Our Privacy Policy

All information submitted to us in connection with the scholarship application becomes the property of Sharp Criminal Lawyers. We will not sell that information to anyone, nor will we disseminate it, except for purposes of publicizing or reporting on the scholarship or on our scholarship program.


Questions concerning the application, the scholarship itself, or any related matters, should be sent, via email if possible, to:

Stephen Sweigart, Esq.
Sharp Criminal Lawyers, P.C.
3600 Lime St., Ste 111
Riverside, CA 92501

Autism Scholarship Flyer

This contest is closed – we will be announcing the winner soon.